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  • Network Administrator

    Posted: 09/13/2020

    TITLE: Network Administrator

    REPORTS TO: Director of I.S.&T.


    PURPOSE: Provide input on the efficiency of the credit union’s technology infrastructure to include VMWare, switches, routers, servers, and network hardware and software. Recommend changes or upgrades or new products as a result of on-going administration of the network. Research and resolve network vulnerabilities and problems for end users. Install hardware and software.

    EXPERIENCE: Three to five years of similar or related experience.

    EDUCATION: A four-year college degree or equivalent experience.


    1. Support the credit union’s local area and wide area network hardware and software to ensure that back end functions, systems, PCs, servers, and all peripheral products are operational.

    2. Provide and run backup procedures that maintain the integrity and security of the credit union’s technology infrastructure.

    3. Research and diagnose I.T. problems within the entire infrastructure, troubleshoot, and provide solutions. Test solutions to ensure a correct solution.

    4. Respond to user problems on PCs to include software applications, system integration, or individual hardware problems. Troubleshoot, debug, and resolve the problem.

    5. Provide individual support to end users via the phone, in person, or on-line to answer questions or resolve problems.

    6. Install, configure, and test new servers for systems, Technology includes knowledge of VMWare, Veeam, Windows, SQL, Unix, Linux and all other CU systems.

    7. Maintain complete and accurate documentation and support services/warranties for new equipment, software, hardware, and peripherals.

    8. Maintain databases and libraries including system security functions.

    9. Install or modify data communications systems. Provide technical support and consultation in the use and operations of computer operating systems.

    10. Coordinate technology resources including core system, telecommunications network, telephone system(s), personal computer connectivity, and other Credit Union systems.

    11. Ensure that all software licenses are maintained.

    12. Install and test new software both for the network and for individual users.

    13. Administer the core and support software platform. Administer the phone, home banking, bill pay, security, and other credit union systems as identified.

    14. Responsible for repair and/or working condition of credit union equipment.

    15. Keep abreast of state-of-the-art hardware and software developments. Recommend new technologies that enhance the efficiency and security of the network infrastructure.

    16. Other duties as assigned.

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