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  • Position: IT Manager

    Posted: 02/13/2020

    Luzerne County Head Start, Inc. • 23 Beekman Street • Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
    Position: IT Manager Effective Date:
    Service Area: Administration Revised:
    Reports To: Executive Director Approval Signature:    
    Classification: Administrative V Status: Full Time, 12 Months, Not Eligible for Overtime Pay
    Position Purpose: The IT Manager is responsible for the planning, implementation, and management of the organization technology systems. Responsible for the operations and function of all computer hardware, software, and networking systems in Head Start. Overall responsibility for computer information systems and related activities of the agency accountable for ensuring continuity of computer services for computer users throughout the organization through planning, technical leadership, and project coordination.
    • BS Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems
    • Five years’ management experience in helpdesk or network management/system administration role.
    • Supervisory Experience
    Essential Job Functions: These functions are performed on a regular basis unless otherwise specified. Employees must be able to perform each of the below functions with or without reasonable accommodation.
    Physical Abilities: The actual physical activities of the position are too numerous to list, but would generally include, and not be limited to, the following:
    • The ability to lift at a minimum of 30 lbs, occasionally, during employment.
    • Must be able to travel between the Central Office and Head Start Centers/offices, as well as other locations where Head Start services are provided, including, but not limited to, outside training locations.
    • The ability to use technology and office equipment such as, but not limited to: computer system, telephone, voice mail, email, FAX machine, office copier.
    • This position requires digital and manual dexterity.
    • Must be able to print legibly.
    Attributes: Must possess basic knowledge of spelling, grammar, mathematical and communication skills; cognitive abilities including, but not limited to: written comprehension, problem sensitivity, oral comprehension, speech clarity, and speech recognition.
    Essential Job Functions Related to Working Conditions:
    • Ability to use own vehicle for work-related activities when agency vehicles are not available.
    • Ability to work in a variety of environments including, but not limited to, offices, kitchens, playgrounds, classrooms, buses, community rooms and home environments of families, all of which may be air-conditioned or heated.
    • Ability and willingness to travel on a regular basis to, but not limited to, local, state and national destinations. Travel methods may include personal or agency vehicle, airplane or train.

    Disclaimer: Nothing in this job description restricts the Administrative/Management Team’s rights to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. Critical features of this job are described under the headings below.   They may be subject to change at any time due to reasonable accommodation or other reasons.

    Essential Position Responsibilities

    Standard Responsibilities

    1. Embody the Mission, Vision, Core Principles and Core Values of Luzerne County Head Start (LCHS) according to the strategic plan of the agency
    2. Exemplify an attitude of cooperation and support as a member of the Head Start (HS) team.
    1. Reflect a pleasant attitude that represents LCHS in a positive manner within the community at large and maintain a professional attitude to the staff, families, and public at all times. Project the same positive manner while attending community activities, training functions, seminars, and conferences.
    1. Adhere to the following regulations and standards according to the following: the National Head Start Act (12/2007), the National Head Start Performance Standards; LCHS Personnel Policies and Practices Handbook, LCHS Operations Manual, the LCHS Integrated Service Plan, and the Pennsylvania State Standard System.
    1. Comply with the LCHS Confidentiality Policies assuring that the program, children, families and employee records, and information are protected at all times.
    2. Adhere to attendance practices in being punctual and dependable on a daily basis.
    1. Attend/participate in agency meetings, including, but not limited to; Pre-services, In-services, seminars, and other meetings deemed necessary.
    1. Serve as a Mandated Reporter of Child Abuse and Neglect as per the Federal Register, Appendix A/Performance Standard 1301.31 and the PA Child Protective Services Law and their amendments.
    1. Keep updated the employee’s own Professional Development Record to develop a professional record, plan a career path with LCHS, and create a record of individual professional accomplishments.
    1. Adhere to agency practice in data management/data collection for timely and accurate processing of agency information that will help LCHS to drive decisions in setting priorities and continuous improvement, ultimately providing more effective services for children and families.
    1. Perform duties, other than those listed here, consistent with the position and responsibilities which are deemed necessary by the Executive Director in order to achieve the goals of the service area and/or help meet the National HS Performance Standards.

    Management of Information Systems (MIS)

    1. Responsible for: latest developments in MIS technology; remain highly technically competent at all levels of data processing while striving for enhanced user productivity through implementation of new software technology where applicable; implementation of policies that more effectively utilize MIS resources.
    1. Maintain general working knowledge of all HS applications and in-house enhancements. Install, maintain and evaluate new releases of agency software; execute performance testing and tuning as required.
    1. Develop and maintain LCHS IT security policies and procedures. Ensure LCHS systems are up to date on all recommended security patches.
    1. Manage technology-related personnel.
    1. Manage and implement the Head Start technology plan.
    1. Chair the Technology committee.
    1. Forecast costs, equipment, and personnel needs for projects and programs as required and related to MIS operations;
    1. Analyze information related to computer technology to assist in directing agency management in the selection of software and hardware to meet the needs of the organization.
    1. Establish and maintain relationships with contractors and equipment suppliers, acting as primary technical contact with vendors in person and through the Internet.
    1. Coordinate and manage the planning, implementation, and on-going system support.
    1. Identify and manage the testing of new technology.
    1. Be familiar with managing a Windows/Apple/Google in a cloud environment.
    1. Maintain Inventory Control for all computers, software and related technology. This will include ensuring LCHS has all the required licensing and subscriptions to comply with requisite licensing agreements.
    2. Conduct center visits as deemed necessary for the successful operation of the Luzerne’s technology system.
    3. Assist with Luzerne management to meet reporting for federal, state and local funding requirements.

    Project Development and Administration

    1. Assist the Executive Director in the development and administration of the department budget to ensure the fiscally responsible use of HS funds in the maintenance of the investment in computer resources and data.
    1. Participate in the HS MIS Departmental planning process. In a collaborative process with the Executive Director, provide leadership in the definition and accomplishment of department goals and objectives. Work with HS staff to identify areas where the computer system could aid inefficiency.
    1. Maintain quality assurance and currency for application systems development. Perform analysis oversight during initial design and problem solving-of programming assignments. Ensure completed assignments meet agency standards and that documentation is complete.
    1. Responsible for the overall integrity of computer systems with respect to HS computer needs. Install, maintain and evaluate new releases of operating systems, utilities and communications programs. Review and evaluate the performance of the system hardware and system software; recommend and implement changes for performance improvement. Coordinate regular maintenance and backup of system databases and program library files. Design and implement security programs to ensure data integrity.

    Supervisory Responsibilities

    1. Supervise, monitor/train and conduct Performance Appraisals on the Assistant Management Information Specialist in performing systems administrator functions as needed.
    1. Participate in the hiring process of staff as needed who are assigned in the MIS Department, including, Assistant Management Information Specialist and Data Entry staff; orient, monitor/train the staff assigned in the service area.
    1. Continually review training needs as identified by assigned staff through daily contact and/or identified during annual reviews.
    2. Provide guidance to assigned staff; assign appropriate tasks for the smooth operations of the MIS Department.

    Statement of Understanding and Agreement:

    I (Print Name)                                                                              , have reviewed the foregoing job description and have been given the opportunity to ask questions about the terms of the position. I understand that my employment at LCHS is contingent upon my successful performance of the responsibilities outlined herein. I further understand that my employment with LCHS is at Will.
    I agree to follow and comply with this job description and all LCHS policies and procedures. I acknowledge that I have received a copy of this job description.
    Signature:_                                                                                                              Date:                                                                                                                             

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